Did you know? Malaysia is the one of the highest percentage on lightning strike in the world.

REAL FACTS: Discover the truth about lightning safety awareness in Malaysia, a country with high lightning flash density. This study aims to assess the public’s understanding of lightning protection systems and emphasize the importance of staying safe from lightning strikes.

Malaysia is in the top three in the world with high lightning density experiencing an annual mean lightning ground flash density of 13.9 flashes per square kilometre yearly. A recent study stated that a factor that probably contributes to the high numbers of thunderstorms and lightning events in Peninsular Malaysia is due to its geographical position being encircled by the Andaman Sea, Sulu Sea, Straits of Malacca and South China Sea.

Undeniably, the other substantial factors are the massive increment of factories, deforestation and other development progress. All these activities and factors are contributing towards heating of the Earth and increasing the severity and number of thunderstorms. In 90% of cases, the auto-gate system will be the first to malfunction due to the gate’s material attracting lightning electricity via AC power.

90% chance that your auto gate’s control board will be the first to intake damage. So, as suggested by the technicians, they will be adding a lightning arrestor for second protection to the control board. At least 50% of the chances of getting a direct hit on your control board can be minimized by this method, even though it is not 100% effective at preventing strikes.

Yet, the problem remains due to uncertain data on the unmeasurable consistency of voltage from nature. Eventually, the chances of getting your system roasted and it blows up your lightning arrestor. Since it is difficult to know the voltage levels flow from natural sources, there is a higher chance of overloading the system due to sudden voltage spikes and surges. This can damage the lightning arrestor and other connected components in the system.


There is a way to avoid everything above by using the RDS-S90 Solar KIT system, a new fully functioning only sun-powered. This solar auto gate technology does not consume any government incoming electricity. Hence, there will be no AC cables/wiring needed for connection. This innovative system has been designed easy to install and maintain, making it a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for any home or business. Plus, it is environmentally friendly, with no emissions or waste products as it has minimized the risk of damage and the maintenance cost. It is also compatible to smart-home apps controlling with WiFi.

The initial cost of a solar powered autogate system is slight higher than a traditional electric gate system. However, the long-term savings on your electricity bill can offset the initial cost.

The factors to consider when evaluating the cost-effectiveness of a solar powered autogate system:

  • The lifespan of the solar panels and battery: The lifespan of solar panels and RDS autogate systems is typically 10 years. As a result, you will have to replace them after 10 years with 0% charges of the incoming power cost from government. The solar system’s battery RDS system is a lead acid battery, which can easily be found on the market. The Solar system’s battery of RDS system is lead acid-battery and it is easy to search for the market. We have minimalized the voltage consumption of the autogate system by using only 20W of solar panel to directly thru RDS-S90 Control board and recharge the battery. With a full battery charge, the system can open the gate up to 50 times a day even during the night time.
  • The maintenance costs: Solar powered autogate systems require very little maintenance as it is with the cost of changing the lead acid battery for every 2-3 years. You may replace the remote control battery yearly or you can use smart apps to control your system without the need for a remote control.

Overall, solar powered autogate systems is a new technology that can be a cost-effective option for homeowners and also farmers in areas without electricity and with package