Autogate System Servicing

Your autogate goes through a lot in handling opening and closing operations. Therefore in 1989, Kong Sing began providing autogate system services to help maintain customers’ autogate system. By ensuring that your autogate is well-maintained and regularly serviced, you will experience a seamless, efficient and durable autogate system.

Off-Warranty Service

We provide servicing and maintenance for your autogate system even if the warrenty has expired. Charges shall be depending on the maintainance workload requirement and the damaged level of the parts being repaired. Please seek for our consumer service for consultation requirement.

Customer Care

On-Site Consultation

We offer on-site consultation service by sending out our exertise technician team if advice you needed on autogate system. This service is only for Malaysia. We may transfer your request to our assigned dealers to process with the service if you are not in compound area.

Customer Care

Custom Made Design

A customisable automated gate solution for our creative clients who wants to stand out, be unique and have specific needs and preferences.

Custom Made