Self-installed Auto Gate System

RDS 3 Self-installed Auto Gate System incorporates our latest technology that allows you to easily install your auto gate systems. With specially-made brackets and accessories, the system is ready for installation within a short period of time. It also comes with a control box that is complete with control boards, transformers and receivers.

3-Stage Planetary Motor

Solid and Long Lasting

Easy & Ready for Installation

Our special designed brackets ables to help you install your autogate opener system within a quick time. Control boards, transformers and receivers are wired and installed in the given control box.

Italian Technology

The gears of the 3-stage planetary motor are built with black steel, operated with 12-14 small, strong gears. These premium materials increase lifespan & durablity of the motor system. The state-of-the-art system ensures smooth and stable operation for your gate at all times. *Arm actuators are made from aluminium alloy and hard stainless steel

No Welding Requirement

Brackets and accessories are specially made to install with bolts and nuts.

Powder Coating Technology

Powder coating technology prevents possible rusting and maintaining the look of the prodcut to prevent counterfit replacements.

Power Backup System

Even when power trip occurs, the gate system will still be functional for up to 48 hours.


RDS 3 are able to protect your motor by strongly holding your gate if the gate faces aggressive shaking.

Heat Proof

With the heat-proof grease specially applied on our DC mini motors, it prevents motors from overheating.



RDS 3 Could Lift Up to 14ft max Gate Width

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Italy technology enhancement


12V 7AH


DC24v for Normal Speed
DC12v for Cushioning Speed

Gate size (one side of the gate)

Size 7"-9" (M) Size 9"-13" (L)

Back-up system

Up to 48 hours

Max. Output Power

80W per Driver

Customized gates suitability


Backup Battery

12V 7AH


Max. Stroke : 31cm
Max. Speed : 2.2cm/sec.

DC motor

3 stage planetary gear


0° C to + 80° C

Operation Cycle

14 second per 90° C (approx)


1+3 Remote

Main Supply

AC230V, 50Hz

Position Limit Device

Electronic Fuzzy Logic

3-Speed Control Board

Big Control Board

Driving Method

Screw Driven Piston Type


Rotary Planetary Reducer

Safety Clutch

Electronic Current Sensing

Electronic Controller

Microcomputer Based

Remote Controller

UHF Digital PWM Type

Gate Types