Barrier Gate
Electro-Mechanical Barrier Gate System

Our heavy-duty Electro-Mechanical Barrier Gate System is applicable for residential, commercial and industrial traffic flow management. Made of solid and long-lasting material, the AC based torque motor is strong and maintenance free. The compressed counter balance spring also avoids over-stressing and breakage of the barrier gate due to the high volumes of open and close operations.

Sturdy and Strong Housing

Solid and Long Lasting

Italian Technology

AC based torque motor is strong and maintainance free. Compressed counter balance spring avoid possibility of it being over-stressed and break due to high volumes of open/close operations. 2.5mm thickness mild steel. Housing is phosphate-coated and further coated with plastic to maintain its color tone

Safety Reverse

Limit Switch

Smart sensor auto detects open/close positions for higher accuracy. Unique lever design and smart motor control allow swift arm movements that reduce bouncing at end position.

Safety Clutch

Clutch can be conveniently released without opening casing. Arm can be easily lifted or closed by hand after clutch is released. Intuitive control with three separate inputs for the arm (up, stop and down).

Barrier Gate 3(M)

Barrier Gate 3(M)

Length of the Barrier Gate

3 (M)
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Barrier Gate 4(M)

Barrier Gate 4(M)

Length of the Barrier Gate

4 (M)
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Barrier Gate 6(M)

Barrier Gate 6(M)

Length of the Barrier Gate

6 (M)
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Backup Battery

12V 7AH


1 year

Power Supply

24V DC Plug Pack

Heavy Duty

24 hr continous use

Flexible arm holder with clips

Allow arm to swing out easily when hit a car

Motor Power


Auto Close

On adjustable timer

Articulated arm


Opening Speed

2-8 Second

3-Speed Control Board

Big Control Board

Arm Barrier Length

3M / 4M / 5M / 6M

Kit Weight*



1+3 Remote

Key release for

manual operation

Gate Types