Did you know?

REAL FACTS: Malaysia’s one of the highest percentages on getting lightning strike damages during the rainy lightning weather. And 90% of chances this causing the auto-gate system malfunctioned due to the gate’s material that attracts the lightning electricity thru the AC current.

90% of chances that your auto gate’s control board will be the first to intake the damaged. So, as suggested by the technicians, they will be adding a lightning arrestor for second protection to the control board. Though it’s not a 100% protection for avoiding the strikes, it does the trick on minimalizing at least 50% chances on getting direct hit to your control board.

Yet, the problems still remain occurred as we are unable to measure the consistency voltage from nature. Eventually, the chances of getting your system roasted are there and it blew up your lightning arrestor.

Actually, there is a way to avoid everything as above by using RDS-S90 Solar KIT system, a new fully sun-powered solar technology that is completely using without any cables/wiring for connection.